The Best Primary 2 Geometry Activities for Private Home Tuition in Singapore

Best Primary 2 Geometry Activities for Private Home Tuition in Singapore

Is your child or students in Primary 2 and finding geometry a little tricky? If so, we’re here to help! In this short post, you’ll discover the best geometry activities for private home tuition in Singapore that your P2 kid will love! Our activities are free, fun and super-addictive so they’ll help your child master geometry in no time!

What are the best geometry activities for Primary 2 math private home tuition?
1. Composing shapes
2. Geoboard Challenge
3. Shape nets

Why use geometry activities for private home tuition in Singapore?
Geometry activities are a fun alternative to homework that will keep your child engaged and learning for hours. We’ve picked out three of the best activities for use in a private home tuition setting. So, if you’re a parent looking to help your kid with geometry, you can’t go wrong with these three activities that are used by the best private home tuition centers and instructors in Singapore.

The best way to teach Primary 2 geometry in a private home tuition setting
Confused about where to start? The popular website IXL offers a good roadmap for helping to build your child’s confidence in geometry in Primary 2.

If your child is just starting out, you should help them practice the names of the shapes first.

Image Credit: IXL

You can then move onto 3D shapes, then counting the sides and vertices. The most challenging practices are counting the edges and faces and creating figures within a given area.

Image Credit: IXL

IXL is a great resource to practice geometry skills for your Primary 2 kids. Before you start offering private home tuition, go through a few practice questions to see which stage your child is at. This will help you pitch your instruction at the right level!

The best geometry activity for private math home tuition in Singapore
1. Composing shapes

Does your kid still say ‘circle’ when you show them a sphere? If so, they probably need more help with identifying 2D and 3D shapes. They’ll love this super-fun activity that helps them identify 2D shapes and their characteristics and it will help them tell the difference between 2D and 3D shapes.

The difference between 2D and 3D shape names can be confusing for some Primary 2 students, so the best way to help them is by PLAYING!

Are you itching to get started?

Good! One approach is to buy wooden or plastic geometry blocks from a store. You can buy flat blocks that form to make larger shapes like pentagons and hexagons. You can also buy 3D shapes such as cubes, spheres, and cones. Sit with your child and ask them to build different shapes or name the shapes they see. For inspiration, use the games from IXL.

They have a cool 2D shape game here, and a fun 3D shape game here.

Susan Jones Teaching has a free printable card set that is sure to come in handy. Visit the site here and download them today!

Credit: Susan Jones Teaching

The second best geometry activity for private math home tuition in Singapore
2. Geoboard Challenge
If your child is confidently making and naming 2D and 3D shapes, it’s time to move on to geoboards! Geoboards are an exciting way of helping kids practice their primary 2 geometry skills in a private home tuition setting.

Image credit: Math Geek Mama

Geoboards and pretty easy to find in school supply stores, but you can also make a homemade Geoboard if you’re the DIY-type.

All you need is the board, some rubber bands, and some challenge cards if you want. You can download some free challenge cards from Math Geek Mama here.

The easiest game is simply calling out descriptions of shapes for your child to make. They then make that shape using the rubber bands. For example, ask them to make a rectangle, or a 3-sided shape and see how they get on! They’ll have a blast!

The third best geometry activity for private math home tuition in Singapore
3. Shape nets
One of the toughest geometry skills to master for many Primary 2 students in Singapore is comparing vertices, edges, and faces of two different 3D shapes. Many online sites such as IXL offer practice questions.

Image Credit: IXL

But visualizing a 3D shape from a flat computer screen can be a little challenging! That’s why bringing the shapes to life with these free printable shapes can help.

The good folks over at the Crafty Classroom have a nifty set of free shapes that you can find here.

To use them, simply print, cut and help your child stick them together. Then, practice the Primary 2 skills that your kid needs a little help with, such as comparing the number of edges and faces of two shapes.

For example, you could take the cube and pyramid and ask, “Which shape has more faces?”. This super-simple geometry activity works great for private home tuition in Singapore and will help any kid master their Primary 2 math skills.

Have fun with best geometry activities for private home tuition in Singapore!
We hope you found our list of fun geometry activities useful. They should give your kid the practice they need to master their Primary 2 geometry objectives. Whether they are studying in a private tuition center in Singapore or just getting in some extra practice at home, these activities are sure to help!

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