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Zareena Iqbal - Learningaid Owner and Private English and Math Tutor North East Singapore with 17y experience

Mdm Zareena Laguet, 38, Principal at LearningAid

Zareena has more than 14 years of experience teaching in both public and private schools in Singapore. She started in 2000 with MOE as a primary school teacher at Huamin Primary School and since then have been teaching in various schools like Edgefield Pri, Bukit Panjang Pri and St Margaret’s Pri.

In 2007 she decided to become a private tutor to provide a more in depth methodology for students to excel in their studies. She has experience working in several tuition powerhouses in Singapore like Kip Mc Graph with long standing reputation and have since started her own, LearningAid Private Tutoring. She also works as a Public Speaking Trainer for children in public schools.

Through her exposure travelling the world and love for reading, culture and the arts, her education methodology became fused. She enriches the experience of the child via stories and real situations that students can relate to. She also aims to build curiosity and confidence in the child across all levels and abilities. This method has proven vast improvements in the child’s academic abilities as well as his holistic development, i.e personal and social growth.

Zareena is responsible for Primary P1 to P6, Sec 1-2 for English and Math.

Hasnah Private Tuition

Mdm Hasnah Tumbuck, 36, English, Math and Science Teacher, Primary School.

I began my career as a teacher with Ministry of Education, Singapore in 2001. After graduating from National Institute of Education, I was posted to one of the top primary schools in Singapore – Ai Tong School. Specializing in Science, I assisted the Science department overlooking learning development of Science at lower primary level. I was also appointed the School Coordinator for National Education (NE) Department. After 6 years of service with the ministry, I joined the customer service industry with Singapore Airlines, while completing my degree, BSc in Psychology at UniSIM.

As my passion persists mainly in education and child development areas, I accepted an offer to join a private educational company CM Asia Learning as a STEM Educator. I am a Master Trainer certified by iCarnegie/RoboMatter for STEM with Computer Science, applying latest developments to the mapping of school integrated computer programs for more effective teaching pedagogy in the core subjects’ curriculum for overseas clients. Today, I chose a different path in education that is to personalize teaching, catering to enhance individual strengths and supporting those who need aid in subjects English, Math and Science.

Alex, 27, is graduated with a Bachelor. Soc. Sci. (First Class Hons) in Economics (NUS), PGDE(JC) (NIE)

Alex graduated from the National University of Singapore with a First Class Honours Degree in Economics in 2015. After which, he began his stint in NIE in July 2015 and will complete his PGDE course in July 2016. His teaching subjects are Economics (JC) and Mathematics (Secondary School). Alex has 8 years of tutoring experience. He has taught students from Anglo-Chinese Junior College, Saint Nicholas Girls School and Raffles Institution. Aside from private tuition, Alex has also formal teaching experience in various schools. He has also taught in religious contexts and spoken for various youth events in his church. He is passionate in working with young people to develop their strengths and love for learning.

A passionate educator, Alex believes in building the child to be independent thinkers and self-directed learners. He does so through engaging the child in the various thinking processes and routines and ventures beyond the curriculum, to teach the child studying habits as well. Alex believes in sparking the curiosity of each child so that learning becomes enjoyable and thereafter, fruitful. He is innovate in his teaching approaches and is patient in ensuring the child’s content mastery.

Alex is in charge of Math Tuition – Secondary curriculum at LearningAid.

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