Is your child in Primary 2 and in need of a helping hand with their math? If so, this post is for you! We’ve narrowed down your options for the best subtraction activities that you can use as private home tuition exercises. These activities are fun, easy and will help build your child’s confidence in subtraction in no time.

What are the best subtraction activities for Primary 2 math private home tuition?
1. LEGO® Math Challenge Cards
2. Subtraction Board Game
3. Cootie Catchers

Why use activities for private home tuition in Singapore?
Activities are a fun alternative to homework that will keep your child engaged and happy to learn! The top three activities on our list are perfect for a range of home tuition scenarios, whether you’re a parent or guardian, a private home tutor or just looking to lend someone you know a helping hand.

The best way to teach Primary 2 subtraction in a private home tuition setting

The popular website IXL offers a good road map for helping to build your child’s confidence in subtraction. You should start with subtracting a one-digit number from another one-digit number, as shown below:

Image credit: IXL You can find this activity here to help teach subtraction.

Once your child is confident subtracting one-digit numbers, you can introduce two-digit numbers and then move on to three digit numbers.

Before you start giving private home tuition, go through a few practice questions to see which stage your child or student is at. This will help you pitch your tuition at the right level! All three of our examples can be adapted to be at one of these levels – one, two or three digit numbers.

The best subtraction activity for private math home tuition in Singapore

1. LEGO® Math Challenge Cards
Overall, LEGO® math challenge cards are the best subtraction activity for helping a Primary 2 student master subtraction in a private math home tuition setting in Singapore, whether at home or at a tuition center. LEGO® is fun and your second grader is likely playing with it already, so why not turn it into a learning activity?

Many teachers and private home tutors in Singapore use LEGO® bricks to teach subtraction. Challenge cards are simply little cards on which you write challenging questions.

Image Credit:

Use the questions on IXL for inspiration if you need some ideas.

Image credit: IXL

For example, let’s say you’re looking at subtracting one-digit numbers. IXL has some great practice questions. In the following image, the question is: If you have seven slices of toast and eat one, how many are left?

To make your own challenge card, simply write down the sentence on a small card. Alternatively, you can print it out and cut it up. It’s up to you.

If you’re looking for some cool free challenge cards to print out, Sarah from created some awesome  LEGO® Math Challenge Cards – they can help with addition, subtraction and fractions, too!

All you need is a pile of LEGO® and a stack of cards to get started. This fun activity is one of the best ways to help a Primary 2 student master subtraction in a private home tuition setting in Singapore!

The next best subtraction activity for private math home tuition in Singapore

2. Subtraction Board Game

If you’re serious about helping your primary 2 students with their subtraction in a private home tuition environment, you need some subtraction flashcards. If you haven’t heard of ‘flash cards’ – don’t panic! They are just little cards that have something written on them – such as an image, a question, a fact, or – as in this case – an equation.

You can just flick through these cards until your child memorizes their subtraction facts, but where’s the fun in that?

That’s why our second best subtraction activity for private math home tuition in Singapore is this awesome free subtraction board game!

Image credit: The Measured Mom

This comes from Anna, the author of the Measured Mom, and is free to download here.

To get started, simply print out the board and flashcards. (You can either laminate them or print them on thick card or paper). You just need one counter per player (you could use a LEGO® block if you want!).

To play, have your child or student read the flashcard and think of the answer. They then move their counter to the next number on the board that has that answer. For example, they start at the bottom left and pick the card ’10-10’, they would move two squares to the purple ‘0’.

The next best subtraction activity for private math home tuition in Singapore

3. Cootie Catchers
Last, but not least, is one of our favorite activities for teaching primary 2 subtraction in a private home tuition setting; Cootie Catchers!

Cootie Catchers as a fun way to practice subtraction skills and be adapted to be as challenging as you need – you can even make your own!

The amazing site 123homeschool4me offers completely free Math Cootie Catcher printables to help you practice a wide range of math skills. Simply download and print the catchers and instructions, fold them, and away you go.

Image credit: The amazing site 123homeschool4me

How to play:
Ask your child or student to hold the catcher ready to use. Choose one of the outside flaps and say the number aloud. Ask them to count out that number while moving the catcher. You then pull up the inner section and ask the child to solve the subtraction problem.

Have fun with the Top 3 Subtraction Activities for Private Home Tuition in Singapore!
We hope you found our list useful and have plenty of fun playing these free home tuition activities yourself! Over time, your second grader will build strong subtraction skills that stand them in good stead in Primary 2 and beyond.

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