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She went up to band 2

to band 1

Hafizah, P3, her grade was band 3

HanQing, 11, improved from band 2

HanQing at the Singapore Art Museum.

Field trip : Math and Art Immersion Programme

Chantel scored 92/100 - Congratulations!

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Best in Class MOE Tutor - 20y exp

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MOE and NIE only

Alternative schooling for pupils for Primary and Secondary Curriculum exclusively with ex-MOE teachers

We care for our students way beyond their academic performance in primary and secondary school. Our tutors can deliver top notch tuitions in Hougang, Kovan and Serangoon. Our network of private home tutors believe that education encompasses more than just the academics. Our lessons expose students to holistic learning. This may include life skills, such as sharing their experiences and coping with the demands and pressures they may face at Primary and Secondary school. We do this in the hope to get students to be more assertive in their social surroundings and to be expressive. To articulate their thoughts, feelings and facilitate their writing processes. You will trust our private tuition across Singapore, Bukit Batok, Bukit Panjang, Buona Vista, West Coast, Hougang, Kovan and Serangoon. We also have the honour to be indexed and reviewed by the site tuition Singapore as the best-in-class private home network of tutors in this country.

In a place where private primary and secondary school tuition is seen as an essential part of children’s school-going years, we are happy to share with you a program that works with your child’s style of learning in order to help them. Here at LearningAid, the program is catered to your child’s areas of concerns. Our ex-MOE teachers provide diagnostic tests to identify where he needs help first and foremost. From there, we develop a custom program for your child to follow and begin their learning journey with us.

We are the first network of independant ex-MOE teachers and tutors in Singapore. We pledge for the first quality of service in primary and secondary education across Singapore.

Together with the expertise of our dedicated private home tutors and ex-MOE teachers, this program also aims to develop your child’s general knowledge of the world and personal growth. As the world is becoming smaller through the advance of technology and fast becoming a cosmopolitan hub, we believe these growth and capabilities will see to their future in a positive way.

Do contact us for a chat over the possibility of working together to secure a brighter future for your child, both in studies and in life.

To ensure quality and success, LearningAid do not contract with any students and unskilled teachers, but only with certified MOE/NIE teachers. If you are interested to join our network, we contract with all ex-MOE teachers willing to work as freelancers and to earn 100% of their revenue, Learningaid do not charge fees unlike most agent, we charge only for educational materials.

We serve primarily the vicinities of Punggol, Serangoon, Hougang, Kovan and many other Singapore districts like Choa Chu Kang, Jurong, Clementi. Bukit Panjang, Bukit Batok. Please contact us for a private talk.

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Shann Chow
Shann Chow

5 out of 5 stars

posted 1 year ago

Patient, nurturing tutor! Previously my son was in Learning Lab because he had difficulties learning Maths. The situation worsened as he was placed in a all girls' class where everyone was ahead of him. Since then, he hated maths and refused to enrol in any other enrichment class. I needed a tutor who could ignite the maths interest in it. Zareena managed to encourage and promote the interest in him. Now he enjoys Maths so much that he is almost nearly full marks on test each time. For me, i'm just happy to see him happy.

Learning Aid Private Home Tuition Singapore
Learning Aid Private Home Tuition Singapore

5 out of 5 stars

posted 3 years ago

An outstanding private English tutor who help kids in difficulty thanks to her empathy, care, patience and high professionalism. Results are there and I really recommend her.

Li Wah Sng
Li Wah Sng

4 out of 5 stars

posted 2 years ago

Thank you, Ms Zareena, for taking the time and effort to analyse and address my daughter's difficulties with her Math. Your encouragement and tutelage has helped her become more confident to strive for good results..

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Are you a Private Teacher trained by NIE or have you been working at MOE and thru the Singapore schooling System?  We propose to LearningAid as a freelancer to increase your income. With us, no agent fee, We send you contacts of potential clients within your vicinity and you earn 100% of your revenue.  As we pledge for the best pedagogy that works with children, we only charge for material fees. Our differentiators:

  1. A proven pedagogy for kids who fail
  2. Only NIE trained and MOE teachers work with us
  3. We provide the materials for a small fee
  4. You enjoy the network and the LearningAid brand
  5. You work with the best teachers across Singapore

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