best-math-private-tutor-singaporeWe are all unique individuals and we are looking for dedicated home tuition or organised Group tuition.

Everyone has their own pre-determined way of learning, however, there are some that can and must be nurtured for effective learning to take place. The same goes for our children. At learning aid, we aim to tap on every child’s inner curiosity when it comes to learning. This innate thirst for knowledge needs to be drawn out of our children and developed to make learning more meaningful and manageable. This concept of learning together with interesting lesson presentations ensures our children what they need to understand in order to progress academically in Singapore.


Learning Aid ensures the same teacher throughout your child’s learning curve for a more consistent approach in their learning. This progressive approach also ensures more student- teacher rapport and chemistry for effective learning to take place as consistency is the primary base of learning. Learning Aid also encourages real experiences for children. This is, most often than not, necessary for any real learning to take place.

As such, alternative methods of teaching such as fieldwork, hands-on projects and online assignments are much encouraged, after which your children will be inspired to think, work out and write about. These activities will be incorporated in your child’s journey at LearningAid.

Learning Aid has customised coursework based on your child’s abilities to ensure progressive learning. Whether its remediation or enhancement that your children need, be rest assured that at LearningAid, we do our utmost to help and it is our first priority that they improve.

Zareena Iqbal, Dip MOE/NIE Founder and Principal at LearningAid Private Tutoring

A glimpse at a sample coursework frame :

Sample of LearningAid program:

For English Language

Fieldwork/hands-on (Upper Pri, once a term during lesson timeframe)

  1. Literary & arts experience ( e.g museums, discovery centres etc )
  2. Movie screenings & plays
  3. Documentary (Nat Geo on more general knowledge & issues )


  1. Grammar/Vocabulary focus
  2. Reading & Comprehension techniques
  3. Written & verbal language exposure

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