FAQ – Our pricing, terms, all the questions you want to ask

Do you provide free trial for the first lesson?

We provide a free assessment of your child during the first lesson to taylor the right method and content and address your child’s need him or her. First lesson is still charged.

Do I need to pay a deposit when I engage your services?

Yes, a one month deposit is required before engaging our private teachers. Deposit is refundable after one month notice if you want to terminate the contract.

Do you charge agent fees?

No we don’t. Learningaid is a network of professional MOE teachers, independent. We do not work with agents due to their lack of academical knowledge and low quality of service with profiles screening

How can I be sure that my child will succeed with your service?

Based on our past experience and customer testimonials, we guarantee you a significant improvement in academic performance and behavioural change for your child. Beyond academics, we ensure your child capture awareness and curiosity for topics and people around.

Do you propose Chinese lessons?

Not at this time.

Do you propose Math or English lessons?

Yes we do, From P1 to P6 and Secondary level.

Can I join Learning Aid as a teacher?

Yes, we do seek for new teachers, ex-MOE or NIE trained in order to build a network of Certified Learning Aid teachers. We provide all materials, prospect contacts and you will be responsible to deliver a great service within your vicinity.