Home Tuition

Home Tuition is a unique programme in the home with your personal tutor. It is a highly intensive course in which your language skills develop quickly and naturally. You also learn the essential skills, knowledge and language that you need. Outside lessons there are many opportunities for you to practise and refine your English. Each programme is made to suit individual requirements, ensuring that you make the maximum possible progress as your tutor can focus on your specific needs. The Private Home Tuition provides tuition at home for children who also are unable to attend school due to any significant medical condition. This is also available for children with special needs who are unable to attend school due to the non-availability of school placements. Eventually home tuition is a way to improve child readiness for exams.


With home tuition, services from a qualified Ex-MOE tutor will be directly available to your home with no need to go anywhere. Children get an individualized program. A tutor can address any special needs and work to ensure that the student is getting help in those areas that need the most attention. Due to the class size, a student may keep his doubt within himself. Hence, a student would be more open towards his tutor than his school teacher. In home tuition, student get one to one attention of the teacher. This will develop good study habits, which will help make it easier for the student to learn and encourage him/her to be self reliant, as well as provide security and stability. Teacher can focus on the special teaching requirements of the student. Further, student interacts more openly with teacher in home tuition which boost the student’s self confidence. With home tuition, parents interact with the tutor regularly and so they can keep record of the student’s performance very easily.

Home tuition has many other benefits and can improve student’s performance very easily if you get a good home teacher.

Benefits are listed below:

1) Leveraging on Private home tuition in Singapore, the tutor travels to the student home instead of taking classes at a tuition centre. The advantage from a student point of view is that they do not have to travel and generally feel safer in their own home.

2) Having your child enrolled in a home tuition can create a significant impact on the learning abilities of your child.

3) With the home tuition, your child will have the advantage to receive one to one teaching method from a tutor. This means that extra attention is given to their learning, thus improving their learning potentials.

4) The students are able to explore new learning style and they can change the way they study in the classroom. Home Tuition will assist them build confidence and hence speed up their learning process.

5) Sometimes the student is afraid of one subject or maybe even more. With the help of home tuition, he is capable of concentrate more on that subject. Home Tuition will give the students opportunity to practice more and more. It is advised that the student must take full benefit from tution at home so that he is able to improve upon his weakest subjects.

6) Tuitions at home, the student is able to share the opinions and ideas together with his teacher and they feel closer and tell them about the weaker subjects and fears which most likely is not possible in the regular class room sessions. This will help both student and teacher to work towards improving them and hence the student will be able feel good about him.

7) One more advantage of having a home tuition is that it gives a good chance of revising the new topics learned earlier form school. It also gives a good chance of clarify difficult topics and making it simpler to understand.

The over all confidence and performance of your child can be developed through home tution. This can be very beneficial on the development of your child and also to every parent. Home tution can decrease you worrying too much if your child has received quality education or not. And that your child is getting the quality of education that they deserves.