Why Private home tuition is important for your child


Today Tutors play a very important role in every student’s life. The main reason is that in school or college the teacher can’t pay attention on a single pupil or a student. Therefore the private home tuition helps students to understand the subject matter easily and the teacher can also understand the pupil weaknesses and strengths so they can teach him and improve its skills. Many schools debate that there is no need of a tuition after school. But it’s not so true because in this economy and technology world many parents who are working do not get much time to look into the studies and to teach their children at home. So the Private tuition are a good way of enabling the child to learn under the supervision of a teacher who can concentrate on a single pupil. Private tuitions not only save time for both the child and the parent but it also helps the parent to be fully aware of the child’s learning status. The private tuition can easily be in better touch with the parent and can give the educational status and development report of the child. Here at Learning Aid, we believe that advantages are good and they benefit you.

Students do not able to grab the things in the schools as the environment in class create disturbance and the subject covered in schools are not sufficient. So the students should get special attention to understand the subject which are taught in the schools and colleges. As no two pupils are same or alike. All will be having different strengths and abilities in understanding the subject. Some students will be good at languages, some will be good at maths and some will be good at science. So Private tuition will make a student to understand all subjects clearly. As nowadays competition between the students has been increased in all fields so to compete with others each and every one should need the correct way to study so for this Private tuitions plays a very important role. Nowadays parents are adopting various methods in order to make their children to compete with others in this competitive world. Among their multiple efforts, tuition is one of the methods. Therefore, tuition has become more compulsory. There is a view or an opinion that only dull students undergo tuition, but tuition is very important for bright students as well. At Learning Aid which is situated in Singapore will teach you English and math. We also provide Home Tuition and we make it simple to locate tutors for your son or daughter. Our Private and Home Tuition are also available in Kovan, Hougang, Pasir Ris and nationwide.

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The benefits afforded by our Learning Aid private tuition are huge and vast. You will have the advantage of a whole teacher to yourself, with their lesson plans just for you. The lesson plans will be designed which will fit the average pupil and we will teach in the way which will be suitable for the average pupil. So that we will be able to gauge the level of the pupils understanding and more importantly we will come to know the sources of misunderstanding and deal with them effectively. Away from the learning in school, the you will be able to learn things soon and can notice your difficulties and having just one pupil to deal with, we will be more capable to solve your difficulties.

The main advantages are listed below:
1) Positive work Environment
2) Increase Self Confidence
3) Improved Test & Exam
4) Peace of Mind for Parents
5) Freedom to Ask Questions
6) Promotes Responsibility
7) Continuous Feedback

Why Learning Aid:

Learning Aid Private and Home Tuition offers a very wide range of services in the concerned subjects. We can arrange tuitions for English, Math and so on. With this institute you can get tuitions at a specific time for a specific subject so that your son/daughter can improve in the subjects in which they are weak earlier. If you want a good and assured results is to contact us. We are having experts in their respective fields and who are ready to share and teach.

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Our customer reviews

Shann Chow
Shann Chow

5 out of 5 stars

posted 1 year ago

Patient, nurturing tutor! Previously my son was in Learning Lab because he had difficulties learning Maths. The situation worsened as he was placed in a all girls' class where everyone was ahead of him. Since then, he hated maths and refused to enrol in any other enrichment class. I needed a tutor who could ignite the maths interest in it. Zareena managed to encourage and promote the interest in him. Now he enjoys Maths so much that he is almost nearly full marks on test each time. For me, i'm just happy to see him happy.

Li Wah Sng
Li Wah Sng

4 out of 5 stars

posted 2 years ago

Thank you, Ms Zareena, for taking the time and effort to analyse and address my daughter's difficulties with her Math. Your encouragement and tutelage has helped her become more confident to strive for good results..

Learning Aid Private Home Tuition Singapore
Learning Aid Private Home Tuition Singapore

5 out of 5 stars

posted 3 years ago

An outstanding private English tutor who help kids in difficulty thanks to her empathy, care, patience and high professionalism. Results are there and I really recommend her.