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Language learning with a professional tutor

…..children come fully equipped to explore their world. They are constantly examining their surroundings, testing ways in which the world fits into their already developed understandings, and adjusting their ideas to assimilate the new into the old (Piaget, 1952; Ruddell & Ruddell, 1994; Sulzby, 1991, 1994 )


By this, we can safely deduce that whatever information that is being presented to our children, is actually being processed in their minds. It is just a question of to which extent they make use of it in terms of relating them to their own personal experiences. This ultimately insinuates that the more background knowledge they have, the more likely they will be able to link new information to existing ones thus reinforcing their learning process.

When it comes to language learning, for instance, the more exposure our children have to their environment and situation around, the more ready their minds will be to absorb lessons taught and info presented in theory. This delicate balance needs to be sustained with effort to ensure that learning will always be enjoyable and something to look forward to. Only when our children’s minds are open enough can they capture information, relate it to their own experiences, and allow learning to take place. Then comes knowledge retention, that is to remember what we have learnt and the more links you have to drawing out the resource, the better you will be at remembering what you have learnt. This single motivation is the main pulse of learningAid, the excellence of Primary school tutors in Singapore and we believe everything else will fall into place.

That emphasized, we all know having knowledge is the first step and applying it is another thing altogether. Knowledge application is very much hands-on and requires more than one way of looking at things. Thus exploring various ways and methods to look at an issue or problem solving is also encouraged at learningAid, as best in class Primary school tutors. Thinking out of the box, as cliché as it may sound, is a constant pursuit in our society and it should be!


Creativity promotes for originality, individual achievement and sense of esteem for children. This is crucial to their success, both holistically and academically as we want out children to grow into wholesome individuals. We can achieve great results in the PSLE exam and beyond without considering the above.