Welcome to our new online group class.

We are delighted to announce the launch of our new Online Tuition classes for group of 5 students max, this to ensure quality of our delivery and adequacy of learnings.

The tutor, Zareena Iqbal-Laguet , ex-MOE teacher, 20y+ of experience, is currently based in France, where she has been appointed Senior English Teacher in a Private School. She is still available over the week-ends to provide Quality MOE curriculum for Singaporean pupils.

The course of the tuition will run across as follows:

  • Saturday and Sunday at 3pm and 4pm Singapore time.

Below are some of the activities provided during the ZOOM or SKYPE session:


  • 20 min English review, test and speed reading : Academics
  • 20 min Math review: test and accuracy: Academics


  • 20 min : Paring challenge, kids will speak to each other during a session of riddles (English and Maths)
  • Break 5 min


  • 35 min: Addressing 1 to 1 issues on particular items. While the tutor explains to each child, others are invited to support each other and explain how to resolve a problem.


  • 15 min: Group watching a 15 min YouTube video to identify shapes, colours. testing accuracy with sensitive stimulus.

End of the session.

This technique has proven great results in building confidence and trust for each student. They go back home with a better attitude and feeling that they have learned while being slightly entertained.